Nomenclature, general annotation and sequence features of proteins are taken from Uniprot.

The classification was built using Uniprot families, Pfam, Interpro, Panther, MEROPS , CAZy, InParanoid, and KEGG.

Intracellular localization of eukaryotic proteins in cellular and organelle membranes is based on information from Uniprot and COMPARTMENTS databases. The current version provides only the most biologically relevant of several possible localizations.

Protein topology (association of protein N-terminus with a specific membrane leaflet: “In” or “Out”) was based on information from Uniprot, TOPDB, PDB and publicationsi, including direct experimental studies of TM protein topology, locations of water-soluble domains in specific intracellular compartments and post-translational modifications.

Information on direct protein-protein interactions between bitopic proteins from the database was compiled from Arabidopsis Interactome, ConsensusPathDB, IntAct, and BioGRID. Potential interactions with other proteins can be found by following links to STRING.

Database provides links to Uniprot, Pfam, Interpro, PDB, OPM, iHOP, HMDB, HGNC, Reactome, and PubMed citations provided by related databases.

Membranome allows searching based on UniProt and PDB IDs and text fields. Browsing and sorting of proteins can be done by species, individual proteins or complexes, classes, superfamilies, families, localization, hydrophobic thicknesses and tilt angles.